Firesense Ltd                 

Firsesense manufacture a range of 2-wire fire alarm panels, using either 'Fulleon' or 'Savewire' protocols. Depending on the protocol chosen, these 'Concept' panels will work with Fulleon's Squashni Micro or Symphoni 2-wire sounders, or standard conventional bells or sounders when used in conjunction with 'Savwire' detectors and call points.

Concept panels come in 2 to 24 zone sizes, and can be supplied in a number of special finishes, surface or flush mounted.

The 2-wire system reduces installation costs dramatically, as cabling consists of just 2 wires per zone, with sounders connected to the same cabling as detectors and call points. The number of terminations are less and if the sound level is found to be too low on final commissioning, additional sounders can easily be added.

'Concept' 2-wire Control panels:-

Panel Datasheet