Apollo Fire Detectors            

Apollo Fire Detectors manufacturer a wide range of conventional and addressable detectors, call points, sounders and ancillary items, for use with various compatible fire alarm control panels.

Conventional Apollo detector ranges include 'Series 65' and 'Alarmsense' devices, which provide either standard or 2-wire detector (with sounder) operation.

Addressable Apollo devices include the 'Discovery', 'XP95' and 'Xplorer' ranges. These three groups cover the top-end, mid-range and entry level addressable fire alarm systems respectively, with each range having their own unique benefits.

Sounders, callpoints and interface units are also available for use with each of these systems. Please click on the highlighted links for further information about specific products, or on the product photos to be taken directly to Apollo's own website.

Addressable fire detectors:-

Discovery            XP95             Xplorer

Conventional fire detectors:-

Series 65          Alarmsense

Apollo Sounders:-

XP95 Sounder        Alarmsense Sounder

XP95 Interface Units:-

Boxed       DIN rail mounted