EMS Radio Fire & Security      

A wire-free fire or security system utilises sophisticated secure, licence-free, radio communications to interconnect the sensors (smoke detectors, PIRs, etc.) with the controllers. A simple concept, but one that provides many unique benefits.

EMS’s Radio Technology provides an attractive and cost effective alternative to traditional wired-systems. An extensive product range provides wire-free solutions for all types of installations including fully integrated networked systems.

EMS’s radio based Wire-Free systems provide a number of unique features that make them an ideal alternative to wired systems for many applications.

  • Sensors can be fitted in less than 10 minutes
  • The fabric of the building is protected and undamaged
  • Disruptive installation works are kept to a minimum
  • Eliminates costly fire-rated cable
  • The systems can be easily moved or upgraded as building use changes

EMS Radio Control Panels:-

Panels Datasheet              General System Information

EMS Radio Detectors and Sounders:-

Smoke Detector         Smoke Detector/Sounder