Ventcroft's "NoBurn Platinum" cable is fire rated, and is suitable for 'Standard' fire alarm cable installations, as required by BS5839 pt 1. NoBurn cable is a direct equivalent to Pirelli's FP200 Gold cable, and is in our opinion easier to install, as well as being competitively priced. For 'Enhanced' cable installations, we would recommend Ventcroft's NoBurn 'Diamond' cables.

Ventcroft has a proven history in manufacturing the highest quality products for the injection moulding and electronics industries. Ventcroft design and manufacture a comprehensive range of electronic fire and life safety products to ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

Ventcroft's objective is to manufacture high quality and competitively priced products utilising the latest machinery and technology with a continually trained and highly motivated workforce who are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Our product range includes both Noburn 'Standard' and 'Enhanced' ranges of fire alarm cables, and Ventcroft's 'Firetrax' conventional fire alarm panels. Click on either of the "Buy Now" buttons to be taken to our online shop for our current prices on these products.

Noburn Fire alarm Cable:-

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Ventcroft Conventional Fire Panels:-

FireTrax Professional Datasheet